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Core Exhibition

Our core exhibition tells the story of the right-bank Warsaw in a variety of ways. In the History of Praga room, we walk along copperplate engravings, paintings, photographs and multimedia that form a timeline with the history of the city from 16th century until today. A large model of Golędzinów, Praga and Skaryszew draws the visitors’ attention – it shows what the areas looked like in the second half of the 18th century.

The Praga Market Hall on the second floor brings to mind local marketplace traditions of this part of Warsaw; the objects on display and multimedia presentations tell the story of Praga’s location, as well as local bazaars and markets, crafts, industries, social activities, pastimes and infrastructure. Visitors have the opportunity to see an authentic stick for measuring a horse at the withers, a Kaiser roll-making machine, photographs showing the rich social, sporting and recreational lives of Praga residents.

The historic basement of the Museum features a variety of artistic installations. Older visitors will be reminded of Stevie Wonder’s epic concert at the 10th Anniversary Stadium (Stadion Dziesięciolecia), younger ones will enjoy more contemporary (but equally touching) Praga-related music videos. Next, visitors will be immersed in the Residents’ Stories Archive – anecdotes told by the residents of Praga themselves. During renovation works, two pre-war Jewish prayer rooms were discovered with beautiful original wall paintings still intact – thanks to this discovery our museum is Warsaw’s only to feature in-situ Minyan praying rooms.

It is worth ending your tour on the observation terrace – Praga looks entirely different from above!