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Fri, 28.06.2019

Tour with curator
Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi

Sensory Praga exhibition – walks in English

A series of five Praga walks will be devoted to the five senses. You will be able to look carefully at the city, listen to its sound, feel its textures, experience the temperatures of various places. The base of a tale of Warsaw will be a sensory experience. On these walks, the senses will lead us from one point to the another. Multisensory, unique to each of us, the city experience will be the foundation of a careful anthropological journey, settled in the structure of streets, bazaars, tenement houses, gates and parks.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: 5 PLN, tickets available in the Museum and online

Max. number of participants: 25

Guides: Franciszek Płóciennik and Katarzyna Szumlas, educators of the Praga Museum of Warsaw

Registration for the event

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