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Thu, 08.08.2019

Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi
free entrance

Concert: Octopus Ride | Praga’s Summer Stage

Octopus Ride is a young Warsaw band, founded in 2015. The name of the band comes from the song of the first vocalist and guitarist of the band Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett. They play widely understood rock with influences of psychedelia, blues, funk … heavy and lighter styles, sometimes vintage with musical inspiration from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

During the concert on 8 August at the Praga Museum of Warsaw, they will present a cross-section of fully original material, both older songs with a stronger impact as well as completely new, slightly lighter ones drawing inspiration from the best rock traditions. There will also be an opportunity to listen to their most recent single, “Wdzięk”, and the premiere song “Nocą”.


Band members:

Mateusz Michalski – vocals

Łukasz Wierzchosławski – guitar

Mateusz Derecki – bass

Mateusz Sierżant Dobkowski – keys, vocals

Stanisław Gierach – drums


More about Praga’s Summer Stage and the program for August.

For more information you can contact: patrycja.labus-sidor@muzeumwarszawy.pl



Zadanie zostało zrealizowane dzięki wsparciu finansowemu Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy w ramach Zintegrowanego Programu Rewitalizacji m.st. Warszawy do 2022 roku.


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