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Wed, 12.06.2019

Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi
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Bardzo Duży Dom – family concert with the band operating at the Baj Theatre | Praga’s Summer Stage

The band was formed in September 2016 as part of the “Podwórza” project, created by the Baj Theatre and the Association of Theater Educators. Conversations and meetings with local residents resulted in their first songs about dreams, experiences and fantasies in Praga. In April 2017, Ewa Piotrowska, director of the Baj Theatre, decided to record the songs. That’s how the work on the “Weather Forecast” (“Prognoza pogody”) album began. The band spent long evenings playing, composing, singing, and running with their instruments on the winding stairs of the Theatre.

Band members:

Natalia Leszczyńska – vocals, accordion, harmonica, ukulele

A lover of silence in music and pauses in monologues, she catches the words and phrases from Praga’s courtyards and writes songs with them. Weather Forecast is an opportunity for her to oppose the metronome – a privately variable pace is her favorite pace. Under the slogan “sad songs – a cheerful performance” she mainly composes in minor keys, A-minor…

Agnieszka Szymańskavocals, noise makers

A specialist from weather swearing. She likes to listen. She observes and eavesdrops on Praga’s events with interest.  She turns her observations and impressions into vocals. Her presence in Bardzo Duży Dom results in the conversion of the usual place occupied. She breaks out with punctuality. At her level, she does not have to carry instruments unless she is helping the rest of the band.

Andrzej Bocian – vocals, saxhorn, conga

First of all, he plays: on the stage every day, on the trumpet for special occasions, the drums when it’s needed… Not everything can be played, so the rest he sings: sometimes in a quartet, in a duet or a trio or solo.

Sebastian Świąder – vocals, ukulele, violin

Incorrect, nitpicking optimist. If he had seven hands, he would keep another instrument in each one. In his work on “Weather Forecast”, the greatest challenge for him was to integrate the chords C-major and G-minor into every piece. He likes rocking to the rhythm of music and shouting, “Hey!”, before every verse. A specialist in wheels and circles.

Maciej Wróbelpercussion instruments

A sparrow (wróbel). Well adapted to human habitats. Fast, straight or wavy flight. He jumps on the ground. In life, he is guided by millimeter precision, and spends his free time entering formulas into spreadsheets. During work on “Weather Forecast”, the eleventh floor of the theatre turned out to be the biggest challenge, due to the luggage of his experience. His main role is to catch, in the moment, the jokes of the rest of the band and finish them with the classic “Ba-Dum-Tss”.

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